Custom applications, websites and games for you!

Do you want a website, application or game that speeds up, improves or simply entertains your processes; then we have the perfect solutions for you! We will brainstorm with you, together we will look for the ideal plan and thus develop your software.


Our Power

Unique Techniques

We know what is going on in the market and will apply the best techniques to realize your software, such as AR technology for imagining your assortment


For a start-up company, we are experienced in designing and realizing websites, applications and games with a renewed knowledge within the industry


The customer always comes first for us. That is why we will be flexible and transparent about how we work and what processess we deploy. We will listen to your wishes and get to work


Our software will work dynamically on all platforms you want supported. Think of the different screens for websites, such as mobile, tablets or monitors

Attractive Applications

We design our software to make your target audience happy. Whether this may be colorful, minimalistic or different; we make it!


Do you have challenging software ideas and are you not sure whether we will accept them? Please feel free to contact us, we are always up to learn and develop new things. Looking for challenges remains a pursuit

Our Projects

Our Process

On conversation

We will look together with you to see what we can do for each other. This means that we will discuss your wishes, designs and ideas; and bring in our expertise. Together we will arrive at a step-by-step plan and design that we will realize with your permission. The first meeting will always be without obligation!


After we have carefully considered what the wishes are and when we have an agreement, we will start with the design of the application/website. We will apply everything that has been discussed and make a number of designs for it. These will be discussed and iterated.


If one of our designs is approved, we will start the realization. This means that we are going to develop it and therefore make it. We will always inform you and ask for feedback, because user experience is very important and testing plus the feedback loop speak for themselves.


After the product has been realized and released, everything must also be maintained. We always discuss this plan with you in advance. This can mean several things: hosting, releasing updates, adding new features to the application; everything will be discussed and we are flexible in this plan. For example, if you want to do some sections yourself to reduce costs, just indicate that.

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